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bonne nouvelle pour la suite

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bonne nouvelle pour la suite

Message par Lannes le Jeu 26 Sep 2013 - 21:31

Voici la suite dixit Paul de Warlord Games

Tank War is a working title and focuses on games with a lot more armour/vehicles. Not much more to give you than that at this stage.

D-Day to Germany is another working title for the first of our 'Theatre Books'. These will focus a lot more closely on the troops, battles and environments. There will be new rules, new troops types, new vehicles, new scenarios, etc as we delve further into each theatre. This first book will focus on the western allies assault on Fortress Europe and the Axis opposition.

There will be Theatre Books focusing on the following:

* Pacific/Burma (inc Chinese all being well, but don't hold me to that!)
* Blitzkrieg
* Russian Front - inc Winter War hopefully
* Western Desert/Italy

Hope that helps.

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